The INTAP company is a producer of high quality seats designed for buses, minibuses and special vehicles (ambulance, police, fire brigade).

We started in 1980 and we were developing step by step and it is still our goal. We want to improve in every aspect of our business, so that our car seats: buses, microbuses and special vehicles, eg ambulances; meet the expectations of users.

Taking into account importance of measures to remedy the climate we jointed the project BIOMOTIVE.

The goal of this project is reduction of greenhouse gas emission and facilitating of the recycling of polyurethane components.

As part of the “Tigers like crises” campaign, we received the title of the TIGER OF CRISIS 2020.

The title is awarded to companies for which the crisis is an opportunity to implement creative changes that will ensure business strengthening.


We was distinctive in Forbes magazine rank “Diamenty Forbesa 2019”.


Intap became part of Polska Grupa Motoryzacyjna (Polish Automotive Group)


We was distinctive in “GALA BIZNESU” and “PULS BIZNESU”


Intap became distinct in “LODOŁAMACZE”- Prize for social sensitive companies.


New family for bus and M1 vehicles. “NOVIS” and “VERIS” gives us opportunity to cooperation with a lot of new customers.


Our next step was another family of seats- “TAXI” was developed in 2010.


Next year brought new solutions and user needs. We created new family of seats – “AMBIS” and “MEDIS”


We create “EKOLIDER” seat. We are produce it to present day and a lot of our customers still love it.


New department arise- R&D creating “KAPITAN M1”, “KARETKA M1” and “Ergobus”.


Company became distinct by President of Lodz in „ŁÓDŹ PROPONUJE 2000” for best products produced in Lodz category.


We started produce new type of bus seat named “BUS” and microbuses seat named “KADET”

“KADET” enable us to start cooperation with Ford Distribution (Ford Polska now).


This year we started cooperation with Fabryka Samochodów Ciężarowych ( later Deawoo Motor Polska). Thanks to that we became seat supplier for buses based on “Lublin”.


Same year and another big decision- buying a property in Bukowiec near Łódź. We are here to present day.


In 1997 there was another milestone in our history. Our first seat named “Intap” arise. It was tested in regulation EKG ONZ 80. This enabled us to offer this product in a tender for 521 vehicles based on Ford Transit for polish Police Department.


New age for our company- decision to change name from Tobik to Intap.


Further development period for the company. All the time it dealt with improving seats and adaptation of delivery vehicles for passenger cars. Several hundred vehicles adaptation are made on various bases:
– Toyota Hiace
– Mistubishi L300
– Mercedes MB100
– Mercedes T1
– Volkswagen LT


When the “wind of changes” started blowing, people began to makes a trips. Travel comfort started to be important in cars like:
– Polski Fiat 126p
– Skoda 105 L
– Dacia 1310
In that time Krzysztof Tobik made utility model for reclinable mechanism for seats these cars.


Story of our company began in October 1980, when Krzysztof Tobik made decision about starting his own company. First headquarter was in small garage- 24m2.

Before that Krzysztof Tobik achieved master’s license of locksmithing, so he could teach new apprentices.

Beginnig of the 80s was very hard due to historical and political difficulties. Problems with availability of raw materials and tools to run produce. Despite these problems, he decided to produce a “grzybek” stove and so-called “Trociniak”, which become a hit of these “strange” months. Next step was the production of tools for agriculture and artistic blacksmithing.